Katie Livingston Vale In loving memory : 1965–2016

Katie loved learning and being a teacher. She had a foot in the classics with her love of Latin and archeology and in the future with her career in technology, having worked with educational technology since the 1980s when she attended Brown University as an undergraduate. At Brown, she contributed to the formative field of hypertext which eventually lead to the Web and Internet as we know it today. Throughout the years, she never lost sight that the goal of technology was to help enhance our capacity to learn and understand and not the technology itself.

She instilled a deep love of learning in her children to explore their interests while making sure that they knew how to be well rounded people of the world. She was a mentor to many in higher education and gave of her time selflessly for others when they needed counsel.

She loved the simple humble pleasures of knitting and gardening. She also had a more edgy side with her love of early punk, 80's new wave and funk; wherever she could find a good bass line. She expressed her love of music by being a DJ at 95.5 WBRU in college and was a proud alumna of the (in)famous Brown University Band.

She was a humble over-achiever having earned four degrees including her EdD from Boston University during which time she continued to work full time at MIT and had two wonderful children.

She was the better half and loving wife to her husband for over 25 years.

In 2015, Katie proudly joined Bates College in Lewiston, Maine as the vice president for information and library services and librarian, a role and school that culminated the many threads, passions and qualities of Katie's career. Bates President Clayton Spencer shared these wonderful words when informing the community of Katie's passing:

“Katie joined Bates 15 months ago, and she quickly proved herself to be a strong and creative organizational leader, a wonderful, collaborative colleague, a professional of enormous breadth and intellect, and a person possessed of quick wit and self-deprecating humor. She was a national leader in educational technology and a valued member of the senior leadership team.”

Photo of Katie outdoors

Katie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on November 27, 2016, due to complications from Crohn's disease, a chronic condition that she quietly fought for nearly 25 years. She was surrounded by her husband, Marshall, and two children, Riley and Zoe, who helped her on her final journey.